Tale of Two Boyfriends

This project provides a platform for creating interactive narratives with dramatically meaningful variations for the interactor to explore. The story pattern of W2P (a woman an 2 partners) is derived from an essay by Janet H. Murray “A Tale of Two Boyfriends: A Literary Abstraction Strategy for Creating Meaningful Character Variation“[1] which privileges female agency within the classic western narrative format of a romantic triangle between one woman and two men. The patterns divides male characters into Boyfriends of ObliGation (BOGs) and Boyfriends of Desire (BODs). Using this platform, authors can define a BOG and a BOD character based on multiple variants. The system then generates a set of possible plot events, similar to the events in Vladimir Propp’s classic abstraction of fairytales[2]. (Illustration by Lyric Liu)

Read Janet H. Murray's article “A Tale of Two Boyfriends”